Importance of SSL for Websites

 Importance of SSL for Websites

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer”. It is used for the secure transfer of information from computers to the internet. It secures our private information. Therefore, it is used on worldwide computer systems. SSL has an important role to save our data on websites. It also ensures the safety of private information of the user.

It protects our data during transfer from one computer to another. For example, you upload some data on the internet, it means data sharing from one computer to another to reach the destination server. If SSL is not used on any website then hackers can easily reach your system. 

By hacking they can get all of your important data or information about user id, password and, ATM cards, etc. Most of the people who are using the first time are unaware of this. Many hosting companies offers free certificate along with hosting packages and have installation guide.

SSL has become necessary for almost every website. The following are the reasons for the importance and need of SSL.

Save Data

Things like (ID number, credit card numbers, agreements, documents, and passwords, etc) are very sensitive and important for everyone. And, the important things always need security. Therefore, SSL certificate is very important and useful for the protection of these things. SSL installation secures your information by locking it for everyone. 

No one can get into the data, only the recipient server can unlock the data and use his data. SSL is proved to be a shield against hackers. All the skills of hackers become useless against the encryption technology of the SSL certificate.


SSL offers authentication to its users. If a person is sending a piece of important information to the other person, then how will he make sure that information is going to the right person. Because it can be stolen during sending. Here comes the SSL certificate which tells what information is going to the right person and no one is trying to steal your information. If the person is using several computers to send the information then the hacker may reach the sender’s mailing address and website by the information sent by him.


In this world, no one can trust the websites. Because people have lost thousands of dollars due to trade on fake websites. SSL certificates can regenerate the trust between you and your customer. It provides clues for the visitors to check either the connection is secure or not. It shows some visuals like a lock icon or a green bar which ensure the visitor a secure connection. It helps visitors to trust you and make their mind to buy your products because it is a reliable website.

Engine Ranking

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which provides protected communication over the worldwide computer network system. Hackers cannot fulfill their bad intensions of steeling data by phishing attacks while HTTP is protecting data. In phishing attacks, hackers usually send an email to get enter your website to make changes according to their own will. 

SSL certificate protects your website from these kinds of attacks. It makes difficult for hackers to do this. When SSL is active then hackers would not be able to satirize your sites. SSL gives you the trust of Google and it lifts you to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Get satisfaction PCI/DSS Requirements

PCI is required for any kind of online payment or receiving of money. To get online payments, you must have a PCI complaint. PCI (Payment Cash Industry) has set 12 requirements for the SSL certificate.