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Business and E-commerce website Maintaince

Let Us Maintain Your Website

A website is your first impression to the visitors. It not only provides reliability but also gives an encouraging impression that your business is better and more successful. IntelTrix offers website management and maintenance services to clients to present themselves in a best way. We are providing a custom and complete website maintenance strategy that will help your business to deliver a fast, safe, and smooth online experience. Websites require routine maintenance to make sure that all components of the site are working in a safe and effective way. Our expert team delivers the service to keep your site updating and also check its maintenance regularly. As a result, your website captures more traffic, drives more revenue, and gives customers an amazing online experience.

Our Website Maintenance Services Includes;

Browser compatibility
  • We work to make sure that all objects of your website are properlyc functioning in all browsers. Our team will make and keep your website friendly with all browsers and devices.
Software Update
  • The important software your site depends on should be updated. Our team experts will update your website software to keep your website maintenance smooth and safe.
Scan For Vulnerabilitiess
  • For the maintenance of the website, security is the primary reason. We will check the spam and scanning for vulnerabilities frequently to make sure that your site is not attacked or taken over.
Repairs and Fixes
  • Errors, bugs, and broken links are related to site performance. Our expert link checker will check the broken links that discourage the users and decrease the search engine rankings.
  • We are helping your business to optimize by analytics. Our team will check the all-essential metric of your site and the trends in those key metrics through the Google Analytics dashboard.
Website Content
  • Updated content on your website is important for users and search engines. Therefore, our team will review your content regularly, correct the errors, and upload the latest info with targeted words.
Website Backups
  • Website backups are your site data copy. We will save your database backups on bi monthly basis. This keeps your data secured and update in case of any unwanted happening.