How To Boost Conversions With Facebook Messenger Marketing & AI

 How To Boost Conversions With Facebook Messenger Marketing & AI

Chatbots have garnered more popularity and interest in recent years. Their ability to significantly help in major business areas makes them one of the most sought after business tools.

In today's world, there are tremendous benefits to be enjoyed when you add a bot to your Facebook page. One of these benefits is being able to provide your customers with faster responses, which leads to better conversions.

Sending messages to a business is no doubt easier than placing a call. In fact, it's much easier than writing an email. You can easily send a text message while on the move, on your phone, in a crowded place, etc.

So it's no surprise when Facebook reported that over 50% of people choose business messaging as the modern way to interact and communicate with businesses.

One of the best and often under-rated benefits of messenger bots is their ability to convert. With effective planning, crafting and implementation, your messenger bot will significantly improve your conversation rates.

However, not so many people know how to use Messenger bots to increase their conversions. We have outlined the different steps below. Implementing them in your strategy is bound to make a huge difference.


Yes, this may seem obvious but so many brands and marketers take it for granted. Automated messaging helps you provide customers and prospects with immediate responses to their questions.

Excellent customer care is quite paramount to making high conversions. It leaves you satisfied customers who are proud of your brand. They'll be loyal to your brand and will trust your products without question. In fact, excellent customer service makes you different from your competitors.

So, how do you use your chatbot to achieve this in order to increase conversions?

You see, when you are creating your bot, ensure that you have carefully listed out every FAQ your prospects and customers may have asked or will ask you.

Also, ensure that they are ways or keywords that would make it easy for them to speedily find the answers they are looking for.

If a user or prospect gets a high-quality answer, they would be able to easily make their buying decisions. Being able to provide the right answers at a fast pace will reduce the chances of your prospect going to your competitor.


You can use your bot to create high conversions by letting it handle your brand awareness. Your bot can be used to inform people that have recently interacted with your brand about your products and services.

Doing this helps you capture the interest of your prospects in a way that appeals to them. You'll also be qualifying your audience, right from a cold audience to a warm one.

It will help you distinguish between those who are genuinely interested in your service and whom you should target, and those who were just curious and aren't really interested in your product or service.

This will help you enhance the customer journey as you move them down your sales funnel.

There a number of ways to do this. Here are some of them:

· Ensure that your bot greets each client or prospect that interacts with it. Your greeting message should make the client feel at ease. It should also be set up in a way that allows prospects to learn a little information about your product, service, or business before they start a conversation.

· The second way is to create a menu your prospects can select from. You can place this menu at the bottom of the Messenger window. The menu will provide prospects with the ability to ask questions and get more information on what your brand stands for, what your business is all about, and more.

· You can make brand awareness a part of the conversation. This can be done by letting your bot tell people about a recent development in your company, an event your business has taken part in, or a project you recently completed. These kinds of discussions are bound to grab the attention of your audience.


The first part of the customer journey is to make them comfortable and informed. And that is what the steps above are for.

"We use chatbots to help recommend gift ideas and reduce the burden on our customer services team.” – Sandra Dee, Marketing Manager at My ShopIdeas

Once you've utilized some of the steps above, the next thing is to direct them to your product/service page.

Ryan Dearlove, Founder at Chit Chat a leading chatbot agencyrecently said, "Messenger bots are great product recommendation engines when working in conjunction with Facebook Marketing you can easily double your conversation rates at scale.”

Now, you need to ensure that the tone on the page is conversational. If it sounds anything like a sales pitch, your clients would be turned off.

However, this isn't the only approach you can use. You can also integrate a shop button in the menu. Once they click on the button, they'll be redirected to your product page. But keep in mind that having a well-organized conversation usually works a lot better.