15 Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

 15 Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

We are living in the digital world where we keep having a variety of changes so often indeed. When it comes to mobile app development trends, there is a wide array of on the list. It is quite essential to go with on-going changes indeed. Here, we are going to share about 15 mobile app development trends in 2020. 

1.       5G Wireless Technologies – It is quite popular indeed. Here, it needs to mention that the speed of the 5G network would be 100 times fast in comparison to the 4G network. Moreover, 5G wireless technologies would also be serving a variety of functionalities such as 3D gaming, Data Security and Augmented Reality.


2.      EMM and APM – They are regarded as two basic components of the enterprise mobile app development procedure. The motto behind launching this is reducing the snag. Mobile App Development Company In India also collaborate the same indeed. If you do have any dilemma regarding this, you need to consult with them.


3.      Instant Mobile Apps – Small in size instant mobile apps do also impart fundamental functionalities without downloading them. It means these apps will carve out a better taste regarding it. As per Mobile App Development Company In India, it will truly bring great changes to you.


4.      Beacon Technology –A beacon technology-enabled app having on your device will truly help you to get where you can have your products regarding costs as well as another sort of specifications. It is truly going to bridge the gap between the company and users indeed.


5.      Wearable Devices - We all know that many wearable devices are in the market such as fitness, trackers, banded and so on. Saying would not wrong that wearable has truly changed our way of interaction with smart devices indeed. Wearable devices mean you will have less reliance on the smartphone.


6.      On-Demand App - Things will increasingly become more and more interesting as the app world is supposed to launch more on-demand apps in 2020. On-demand apps do have different categories such as taxi apps, grocery delivery apps and so on. Talking about on-demand apps, they are quite easy for users.


7.      Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Many mobile apps have already shifted to virtual reality and augmented reality to make users have shifted to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


8.     Mobile Wallets – The next on the list is Mobile Wallets revolving around online banking and eCommerce. Whether it is Google Wallet or Apple Pay, people are preferring mcommerce. Make sure that you are going with these updates and tend to keep having more and more customers to your brand.


9.      Chatbots – Chatbots have already taken over a variety of different communication aspects having real-time interaction between the customers and service providers. And that is why Mobile App Development Company In India is also keeping this thing in mind.


10.  Cloud-integrated Mobile Apps – Cloud Technology comes up with incredible possibilities and perk. Moreover, it is also regarded as the most trustworthy platform in order to store as well as access huge data easily, quickly and smoothly indeed.


11.   Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) -  AMP is the unadorned version of HTML leading towards increasing the speed of mobile pages and make it helpful for the users.


12.  Predictive Analytics- It helps to predict your future by analyzing the present data indeed. it goes with a variety of modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining and so on.


13.   Improved App Security - Cybersecurity is regarded as a vital feature of app development. And will rule all sorts of tech progresses. The transition of Apple to its Swift coding language right form Objective—C must be a crucial reminder to the designer as well as developers to have more security features right in the starting phases of the app development procedure.


14.  Internet Of Things (IoT) App Integration - The IoT is quite far from a new concept. Though, the rise in mobile penetration all across a broad range of sectors and categories has already created endless opportunities to have the Internet of Things. The fact cannot be ignored that IoT explores all about the growing network of a device associated with the Internet imparting convenience as well as automated control to consumers.


15.   Blockchain The Game Changer – Blockchain does not have any doubt one of the revolutionary technologies having the current scenario. However, it should be called a game-changer indeed. Blockchain technology has truly helped a variety of startups as well as businesses in order to create their blockchain-powered apps, smart contracts as well as blockchain-oriented software solutions. In 2019, you may go on without having a blockchain.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with this above-mentioned information to stay updated. Make sure that you are going in the right way indeed.